M & K Takeouts
Located 1 mile from beautiful Lake of the Woods, Warroad, MN
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In addition to the above options, our current customers enjoy pizza delivery services of up to 15 pizzas per order to the three hotels, the Casino, the DNR Complex, Marvin Windows, the public schools....

M & K serves top quality pizzas featuring the highest grade of cheese. This slightly lower-fat product tastes fantastic, melts smoothly on the tongue and reduces the pooling of fat on the pizzas creating a taste that many travelers have proclaimed to be "the best pizza I have ever eaten!" Many of our faithful customers live in other cities, states or countries and make M & K Takeouts their first stop whenever they come to town.

Also, we currently provide Marvin crews of up to 200 at a time boxed Mexican or pizza meals and are equipped to offer these meal deals for groups of 20 or more. FYI - they make ideal lunches for bus trips.

Use the Catering Order Worksheet here or call for assistance at 218-386-3335.


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